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Puzzle Auctions

So despite having been collecting puzzles for probably close to twenty years, and having a fair collection, it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve had the disposable income to be able to acquire some of the higher end puzzles on the market. Until recently I’d never tried my luck at a Puzzle Auction, and in fact I didn’t know that such things existed!

That being said, at the recent Puzzle Paradise Auction for the Australian flood relief, I saw Stickman’s Perpetual hinge puzzle box come up for sale. I love the design of this box, and thought I may have a chance to own one of these rare, and challenging Stickman puzzles, so I threw a bid (or two) up. Sadly, I didn’t win, but I later found out it did go to a friend over on the Revomaze forums. You can read his review of the puzzle here.

Well Puzzle Paradise had another auction and guess what … another Perpetual Hinge came up. So I tried again. I’ll cut a long story short, with 30 seconds to go, I was bidding, and the price was over $1500, I wasn’t the highest bidder so I gave up.

There was another box that I had been bidding on in the same auction though. It was Stickman Box #2.

So having realised that I wasn’t getting the Perpetual Hinge, I went into bid mode. I was taking one of the Stickmen home, so now it was #2. I threw up a bid, and with about 30 seconds remaining, I was the high bidder. I kept refreshing, and was outbid. Damn. Ok, back to the bid page, about 20 seconds to go. Next bid … no good, next bid, no good, next bid no good …. to hell with it, I want this… Next bid …. 10 seconds … I’m the high bidder!

At this point, I will admit, I’m shaking a bit with the adrenaline, constantly refreshing the page …. still mine!

One more refresh, and the page states it’s no longer accepting bids. I look at the description, and I’m still the high bidder! It’s mine!

So look out for a review of this fine box when it gets to me in the near future.

I should point out that this box is coming directly from Robert Yarger himself, and yes I had discussed this with my fiancée who had given me permission to bid on both items!