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Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang is another Puzzle Master metal puzzle designed by Doug Engel where the object is to separate and re-assemble the pieces. Thanks Puzzle Master for sending me this puzzle to review.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang

This is a fairly solid metal puzzle, with a reasonable weight to it. The anodised metal parts look great with the contrasting black and silver pieces, cut from solid aluminium. Rated as a Level 5 (Easy) puzzle by Puzzle Master, I have to agree. Taking this puzzle apart isn't too difficult, and putting it back to its original shape is also fairly simple as long as you work in pairs.

Yin Yang Pieces

Yin Yang Pieces

The two sets of pieces are well made, and although the fit of the assembled puzzle is loose, it does hold itself together fairly well, and looks good sitting on the puzzle shelf.

Handing this puzzle around to a few friends, it's not caused anyone any issues in being able to solve or re-assemble it, but most people like the look, and are surprised by the weight when they pick it up. This is a nice beginner puzzle, and although there may not be much in the way of re-solving, it will make a nice present for new puzzlers, or for father's day if you're still looking for something.

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