Tools for the Job

So now that I’m starting to transfer the design I have from Lego into wood, it probably makes sense to talk about tools.

I’ll freely admit that I’m not a professional woodworker. Far from it. I just enjoy playing around, and I’m still very much at the bottom of the learning curve. That said, I’ve had a few successful projects and I’m slowly working from the simpler to the more complex creations that I want.

So first up, I have a host of hand tools, including various saws, block planes and chisels. I may not be an expert in using all of them, however I manage to do what I need with the limited experience I have. I also have a small hand held Dremel with some router attachments and various cutting/sanding/etching bits that I can play with. The two larger machines I have to play with are my 9″ Band Saw and a Drill Press.

When it comes to getting clean repeatable cuts the band saw is indispensable. It also allows me to create fairly complex cuts and curves so I can do some interesting and fairly intricate work if I need to. Best of all, if I cam trying to cut down some of the larger pieces of wood to the size needed for whatever puzzle I’m working on, the band saw makes it quick and easy to do.

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