Puzzle Delivery

After the long weekend I was surprised when a fellow puzzler, friend and workmate wandered over to my desk this morning to hand me a bag of puzzles.

Karakuri Puzzle Delivery

Karakuri Puzzle Delivery

Derek spent some of his time over the weekend going through his puzzle collection, getting ready for the upcoming Cubic Dissection auctions finding things he was looking to sell on. He was kind enough to bring this little selection to me to try to solve. These aren’t going into the auction, sorry

Thanks for the loan of these puzzles Derek! Much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Puzzle Delivery

  1. Kevin

    For a fantastic moment there, I thought that he was going to give you all of those to make way for his new acquisitions! I was quite disappointed for you when I realised it was just a loan!! Enjoy – that’s a whole lot of Karakuri’s!

    1. thejuggler Post author

      Worry not, the chance to try opening them all is great in itself. And of course I’ll have to put up reviews of them as I do!


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