Revomaze Green Extreme

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As promised previously, here’s the second review in the Revomaze series, available from Revomaze and also in limited numbers from PuzzleMaster.

Revomaze Green Extreme Puzzle

Revomaze Green Extreme Puzzle

I’ve already covered the basic puzzle in my first review of the blue, so for general information on the Revomaze puzzles, I’d suggest reading that post here.

The second puzzle from Revomaze is the Green. Again, I have the extreme version which is the heavier metal version of this puzzle. Again it’s also available as a plastic Obsession version.

The Green is rated by Revomaze as having a difficulty of 60/100 (challenging) and an estimated opening time of 10 hours or just 3 hours if you’ve already opened the Blue puzzle. It is described as a static maze and really is a nice step up in the learning curve for the series. The puzzle introduces a new element not seen in the Blue puzzle, and extends the trickier sections from the Blue to be really very challenging in this puzzle. It is a nice step up from the original puzzle, and took me around 5 hours to open. Mapping the maze in this puzzle definitely helps in the trickier sections. If you were to try to solve this as your first puzzle in the series, it’s definitely harder, but not impossible. That reset line is ever present in this puzzle and there are many more blind turns to throw you off the correct path.

The one word of warning I’ll give is that if you do decide to buy one, and I highly recommend you do, you’ll end up getting more. After solving one, there are few who can resist coming back for more.

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3 thoughts on “Revomaze Green Extreme

    1. thejuggler Post author

      That’s true. Since the time of writing the production of Green has stopped. Whether more will be available later is unknown at this time. You may still be able to pick one up through eBay or at puzzle auctions though. Be careful when looking at the Green Obsession, as it may be a blue maze in a green sleeve. The original Obsessions were released with the ability to pick the colour of the sleeve on your puzzle. Check the Revomaze logo on the end of the shaft to tell which colour it is.

  1. Christopher Armour (Sledneck27)

    Green was still available until appx Nov 2015. It’s still on the Webpage as “Out of stock” and “soon to be discontinued”. I was poking around on the revomaze forum just last week inquiring as to the greens true status, and I received an email from the office administration stating that they actually have a handful of Greens on hand and they would sell me one, so I jumped on it. As of right now, they may have a couple left over, not too sure though.


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