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Sandfield’s Banded Dovetails

Back in August last year at IPP, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Sandfield and talking to him about his puzzles, as well as picking up a copy of his Banded Dovetails, and ReBanded Dovetails puzzles.

Sandfield's Banded Dovetails or is it the Locked Draw Puzzle?

Sandfield’s Banded Dovetails or is it the Locked Draw Puzzle?

First up is his Banded Dovetail puzzlebox. Designed by Perry McDaniel, and crafted by the very talented Kathleen Malcolmson. Crafted from Mahogany, Alder and Prima Vera, I think you’ll agree that this is a great looking puzzle box. As is the Sandfield brothers trademark, there’s dovetails in there, with what looks like two bands which have been pinned to the outside of the box, creating an impossible joint. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a puzzle if it were impossible, but the impression is very convincing. The puzzle measures 3.2″ x 2.25″ x 1.5″ so its small however I think the size really adds to the charm of the puzzle.

The goal is simply to open the box, but when is it ever simple when someone hands you something telling you it’s simple? When you pick up the box you’ll quickly find that shaking it will reveal something rattling around in there. Whether that’s useful or not it’s hard to tell, but any clue with a locked box is useful right?

This one took me a good hour or more to figure out. All the things I had thought of were entirely unhelpful and didn’t get me any closer to solving the puzzle. Really the thanks for that go to Kathleen who’s made this so well that there’s no clues at all as to what’s going on. I think it’s made even more impressive when you realise how many moves are required to open the puzzle.

The bag for the Banded Dovetails

The bag for the Banded Dovetails

As well as being a great puzzle, there’s also a bit of a story behind the puzzle too. If you have a look at Brian’s review of the puzzle, you’ll see he lists it as IPP 28 (Prague) from 2008. Allard’s review lists it as IPP 29 (San Francisco) from 2009, and my bag has IPP 30 (Japan) 2010 listed and a different name for the puzzle! So what was really going on? Sadly I can’t tell you, but it was an IPP 29 exchange puzzle. Both Allard’s bag, and my info sheet which came with the puzzle list IPP 29, and have IPP 28 crossed out. Whatever happened, I’m glad that this one made it out as it was worth the wait.

This is a real gem, and if you can get your hands on one, don’t hesitate!

Sandfield's ReBanded Dovetails

Sandfield’s ReBanded Dovetails

During the Exchange, Robert’s puzzle this year was the ReBanded Dovetails. When he exchanged this puzzle box, he mentioned that he’d had Kathleen remake the boxes as apparently some people had managed to open the Banded Dovetail, so this was to resolve that issue. A fun little story, and a nice way to present the new puzzle.

As you can see, the appearance is very similar to the Banded Dovetails puzzle. Made by Kathleen, and designed by both Robert Sandfield and Kathleen Malcolmson you know that there’s going to be something clever going on. This one is made from Baltic Birch plywood, Walnut and Lacewood. Plywood isn’t the sort of material that you’d expect to find in a puzzle box, but given the striking striped appearance and great finish, I really like the look of it. The wonderful snake skin like appearance of the lacewood really sets the box off nicely. Measuring 3.2″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″ it’s slightly larger than the Banded Dovetails, but only slightly. Of course the outer appearance is where any similarity ends.

Again when you pick it up, there’s a rattling from inside, and if you’ve already solved the Banded Dovetails, you might think that this gives you a clue. Well, prepare to be disappointed! Requiring a few more moves than the previous puzzle this one is every but as well crafted. I managed to open this one far faster than the first, taking less than 5 minutes, but I enjoyed it every bit as much.

This is a clever and well made box, with a couple of nice tricks up its sleeve and the mechanism is very well hidden. Hat’s off to Kathleen again there.

Both of these are great puzzles, and I’d say don’t hesitate to add them to your collection if you get a chance.